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Trying to Find Air purifiers in Fairhope?

Air purifiers

If you are interested in clean, healthy indoor air, then give us a call at Available Heating & Air, Inc. Air purifiers work to improve the air in your home. The top choice in air purifiers is the brand we install for Fairfield homeowners. Reme Halo air purifiers can transform your indoor air quality from poor quality to fresh and healthy.

Indoor air pollution causes health problems that can be downright serious, especially for those who already have health problems or are very young or old. Have you not been feeling up to par lately? Do allergies plague you or a family member?

Did you know that 87% of homeowners, in the United States, are not fully aware of the fact that the indoor air they breathe is more polluted than the air outside? Now that you know, it’s time to call our Fairhope air conditioning contractors to install an air purifier.

Reme Halo Indoor Air Purifiers -Top Choice

If you are going to install an air purifier, make sure it comes from a reputable air quality professional. You’ll always receive quality materials and service from the individuals at Available Heating & Air, Inc.

We install Reme Halo air purifiers in Fairhope. This is one of the highest quality air purification systems you can find. It is the best solution for whole house air purification. It acts against particulates, microbial contaminants, AND gases like carbon monoxide.

– Kills 99% of most germs, bacteria, & viruses
– Dust, dander, smoke, & allergens reduced
– Used in hospitals, government buildings, hotels, schools, homes
– Protection from the spread of flu & illnesses in air & on surfaces

How Do You Know You Need An Air Purifier?

Here are some other scary facts about the air quality in your home:

  • Indoor air pollutants are up to 10 times worse than the air outdoors
  • It doesn’t matter where you live, indoor air pollution is rampant in both rural and urban areas
  • Air pollution, inside your home, leads to lung disease, asthma and other respiratory problems
  • Many of your home’s building materials, furnishings, carpeting, paint, drywall, and more release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are gases that can build up and make you sick.

There are three main methods to improving the air quality inside your home: balance the ventilation, keep the humidity level balanced, and install an air purifier to filter out particles that circulate in central air systems.

Have an air purifier installed in your home and see the benefits instantly. You will no longer be bothered by foul pet, smoke and garbage odors or be controlled by allergies that interrupt your daily life. Plus, you’ll be reducing organisms that cause illness.

If you take care of all three of these things, then the air will be healthy. Call Available Heating & Air, Inc. and you’ll be breathing better in no time.

If you are looking for Air Purifiers for your Fairhope home, please call Available Heating & Air, Inc. at 251-929-3224 or complete our online request form.

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