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Are Ductless AC’s Right for You?

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Are Ductless ACs Right for YouDuctless air conditioning systems are a versatile choice to have as a zone controlled comfort system in your Fairhope house or building. They offers several advantages over the traditional centralized air conditioning system and the window unit air conditioning system. First, however, we should discuss exactly what ductless systems are.

A ductless air conditioning system has two main units. The indoor unit contains the evaporator fan and coils and is responsible for circulating the air within the room or structure to be cooled. The outdoor unit contains the compressor which circulates the refrigerant within the system and the condenser fan and coils which take the heat away from the refrigerant pumped through the coils and out into the surroundings.

The main attribute of this system, as the name implies, is that no ductwork is needed for it to operate. This is the primary feature recognized as the source of most of its benefits. For starters, there is less hassle in installation since there is not ductwork. Also, it takes less space within the room to be cooled.

Another highlight of the ductless system is that it enables different rooms to be cooled and maintained at different temperatures. This is made possible because of the presence of an evaporator unit within each ductless wall mount. Cooling is set when it is needed and by how much. Since all modern systems operate with a remote control, setting things according to your preferences is as easy as pushing a button.

Ductless units are also extremely light. This makes installation in as many rooms as desired a quick and relatively simple process. This reduction in installation time and labor will likely result in monetary savings.

Energy efficiency is another main attraction achieved through this system. First, cold air is circulated immediately in the room without the need to pass through any ducting. Ducting can actually result in loss of energy which means that your machine would have to work overtime but fortunately, you won’t experience that with ductless AC’s. Second, you can choose which units to turn on and which ones to turn off since different areas have their own evaporator units. Third, since the thermostat which detects temperature is within the same room being cooled, energy is saved because temperature is reached easily and maintained as accurately as possible within the room.

Since the compressor is outside, this system is also less noisy to operate. It is also considered more secure compared to a window unit as the only hole made is about 2-3 inches, just enough to allow piping to pass through the wall which connects the indoor and outdoor units.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder that a ductless air conditioning system is gaining more popularity in Fairhope. If you are interested in switching to ductless and exploring what zone control can do for you, your energy bill and your comfort, contact a local Fairhope HVAC professional. A quality air conditioning expert will offer a free on-site estimate to go over your ductless AC options.

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