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AC Tune Ups & Planned Maintenance

Air Conditioning Tune Up FairhopeYour comfort systems are likely one of the biggest and most important investments you have in your building. The air conditioner serves to ensure you and your family or customers are comfortable indoors. To ensure that occurs with uninterrupted air conditioning service, properly maintaining your equipment is the best way to go. While there are many steps individuals can take to proactively keep their AC running optimally, the most effective way to go is with tune ups & maintenance performed by professionals like Available Heating & Air, Inc..

We are experts in the air conditioning field. With over twenty-five years of experience, we have learned the inner workings of every type of air conditioner made by every brand over the course of two and a half decades. Nobody knows what it takes to keep an AC running strong for long periods of time like we do. Our technicians are professionally trained and utilize cutting edge tools and diagnostic equipment to accurately assess the condition of your air conditioner. Then they can administer the necessary maintenance to keep it running optimally. That is why we are the top choice in Fairhope for AC tune ups & maintenance.

Air Conditioning Tune Ups

One of the most effective ways to keep your AC running at maximum levels during the hot season is with pre and post season tune-ups. At Available Heating & Air, Inc. we have an extensive diagnostics list that we go through to make sure all elements of your air conditioner are working properly. Then, we top off all liquids and lubricants, tighten connections, clean drains, replace filters and otherwise “grease the engine” to make your AC run as smooth as possible. When performed before a season of heavy use, this will prevent unexpected breakdowns by making sure your air conditioner is in tip top shape. By performing this after the season is over, you can replenish the diminished fluids and get rid of clogs and buildup that occurred.

Maintenance Plans

Care for appliances and other building components is simply one of the many responsibilities of ownership. You can ease the burden of upkeep a bit with a maintenance agreement with Available Heating & Air, Inc.. We will send a technician to your location on the predetermined schedule to perform automatic diagnostics and maintenance. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your air conditioner is being looked after by a professional, and you don’t have to take anymore action.

Our Fairhope AC Tune-Ups & Maintenance Professionals Provide the Following Services

  • AC Tune-Ups
  • Scheduled Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • AC Diagnostics
  • AC Repairs

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